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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I recently found videos that we have taken since my girls were born. Amazing. I never realized at the time how much those small every day moments would mean to me. They took my breath away and inspired me in new ways. So refreshing. I sat here at my computer laughing and crying at the same time. Remembering those sweet tiny voices, the little baby belly laughs...the way they said their sisters name before they could really talk. Music to my ears. In one video I asked them if they knew their daddy's name, they were just about two, and one of them said it right away. The other moved her hand around and said..."tick a tick a tick" (tickle tickle tickle) because daddy has always been the silly one! lol I forgot about that.

They are truly my sunshine and light up my world in the most spectacular ways. They are Identical twins, yet so very different at the same time. Alone they are miraculous and I adore their beautiful souls...together they are breath taking in a whole new way. I think that was my favorite part of those old videos. Watching again how strong the bond that holds them together has always been. I remember back then how I would sit and wonder what they would be like, what they would love to do, what their favorite things would end up being. The things they would excel at and all the little quirks they would have that make them unique. Today, I smile as I know a lot of those answers and am in awe of how much they have grown. They turned 6 this past December and I am beyond proud of who they have become. I have a whole new array of wonders filtering in my heart for them....but love that I am here with them to witness who they are right now and stand beside them as they learn to walk down their own path. That I will always cherish.

Those little pictures and videos froze my sweet baby girls in time and have inspired me to take a whole new turn on my photography in my own families life. My favorite things to photograph have always been those small details that one day we will long to remember and those special "real" moments that hold so much raw emotion and love. However, in this crazy busy life we all lead I sometimes let the days go by too quickly. My goal for this year is to remember to take my camera out more often at home...and capture all the moments that make up our days I have them to hold onto tomorrow.

For now I will share this with you. These were taken last November right before their 6Th birthday. Don't let them fool you...I had to bribe them into it, but in the end...we had a really fun day, one that they were thankful for as much as Mommy! xo

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