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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2011 Spokes Model Contest Voting

I want to thank everyone who entered my 2011 Spokes Model Contest. Your interest and support is greatly appreciated! Thank you for all the cute kid pictures you submitted. They are all truly lovely! I am so excited to find out who will be the winners in each category. Please keep in mind that even if your child does not win I still have a referral program set up to say thank you for all your amazing recommendations!

OK!! Here are the details to the contest! I divided the contest into four age categories. Each age group has its own Photo Album on my diMonda Photography Facebook page. The link to this page is at the top of my blog and you can find the Photo Albums under the photo tab and labeled with the age group and contest! To vote please become a fan of diMonda Photography if have not already, and then simply comment "Vote" under the picture you choose. Please only 1 Vote per user name in each category or all votes with that name will not be counted. You may vote once in each age group. Tell all your friends and family to come and vote for you and their favorite in all age groups! If you for any reason do not want to become a "fan" or "like" my page, or if you do not have a Facebook account that is OK and you can vote here on my blog. To vote on my blog just leave a comment with the number listed underneath the picture in the albums. Again only 1 vote per age group per person.

Voting will be open until 11pm Tuesday October 5th. BONUS!!! One lucky VOTER will receive $150 credit towards diMonda Photography's services! So please vote for one of these wonderful children even if you do not know any of them and you could win as well!!!

Thank you everyone again from the bottom of my heart for all your support!!!

**Parents who submitted photos please note that if your child is in between age groups I put them into the category that would fit them best for the 2011 year! Thank you!!**

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feathers {ny - long island family and child photographer}

I truly love my job. I love how personal and intimate it can be. I love how I begin a session not knowing much beyond names and ages of my "clients" and by the end I leave blessed to have met such amazing new souls, each with their own uniqueness and beauty. Souls that have let me into their own world for a short time and trusted in me to capture treasured memories for their family. Moments that show their love and bond with one another in ways that they sometimes do not even realize. I love that I can give them these moments frozen in special photographs to remember and share for lifetimes to come. Thank you K Family for an amazing session, for sharing intimate moments, memories and even feathers and for allowing me in to truly know a piece of "you". I know only you will understand this when I say it, but I believe in those keep them close to your heart when ever they appear. xo More to come soon...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Fun {NY - Long Island Family Photographer}

I had so much fun meeting this amazing family! Between playing baseball, climbing trees, chasing their dog and the jungle gym I would say we had an unbelievable evening! These beautiful cousins were the best and so was the rest of their sweet family! You are truly blessed! Thank you Z family for choosing me to capture these special memories for you! It was so difficult to chose which pictures to share for your sneak peak...but here they are. (more to come soon...)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Casting Call for 2011 Spokes Models! {ny - long island child photographer}

I am back!! It is surreal to me that my daughters are now officially First graders. Time just seems to get faster by the day. I miss them house is too quiet and actually found myself cleaning today to their Miranda Cosgrove CD! haha (it only made me miss them more ;) )

I have a lot of new and fun ideas storming inside my head and want to share one with all of you. I have been blessed beyond words and so thankful for all your amazing referrals. Word of mouth is such a priceless gift and I feel so honored that so many of you have felt so happy and had such a great experience with myself and diMonda Photography that you have given my name to so many of your family and friends! As most of you know I do have a referral program set up to say Thank you, but I would like to give some of you an opportunity to receive even more in exchange for your continued support and have your child become a Spokes Model for diMonda Photography for 2011! Here are the details!!

If you live in the Nassau, Suffolk or surrounding NY areas and are willing to help spread the word of diMonda Photography you and your child could be chosen!

A Spokes Model should be willing to hand out business cards and other promotional material provided by diMonda Photography at age appropriate locations, mommy and me groups, doctors office, play areas and gyms, any location geared towards children of your Spokes Models age group. You may either ask a certain business if it would be ok to leave the materials for their clients to view and take home, or you may hand out business cards directly to individuals you meet. You should also be willing to recommend others to “like” the diMonda Photography Facebook page.

If you truly love diMonda Photography and the art of capturing your children naturally as they are and meet the simple requirements above you may enter the contest! If you win you will receive a free Mini Session along with all of your high resolution digital images the session produces (between 10-20). This will be only for the child who fits the age requirements and wins the Spokes Model "job", sorry no other family members or siblings in the session. Being a mom of twins I will allow twins/multiples to enter the contest and of course both will be allowed in the free session as well. You will also receive diMonda Photography business cards featuring your child. I will keep track of all referrals and new business I receive from you and will offer the chance to win future sessions and credits towards products as well. If you refer anyone to “like” the diMonda Photography Facebook page simply have them send me a message or write on my page that you recommended them and I will give you the credit. For every paid session I receive with a new client that found diMonda Photography through your child's promotional material or directly from you, you will receive $100 towards future sessions and products! There are no limits to how much you can earn!!

To enter simply email me a picture of your child, their first name or first initial if you do not want their name posted on Facebook, the age they are today and their birthday. Their birthday and actual age will not be listed anywhere on line, it is only for me to know what category to put them in for the contest. The picture must be taken by you or diMonda Photography. Please no other professional images allowed. By sending me your child's picture you are also giving me consent to use it on my Facebook page for voting purposes and for your childs chance to win. I will need to receive your picture by September 27th. After this date I will put all the pictures into a photo album on my Facebook page that will be open for voting. More info will follow once I have the pictures in! There will be fun prizes for the voters to win as well!

I am looking for three Spokes Models for the 2011 calendar year!

Age groups I am looking for:

Newborn – 18 months

2 years – 4 years

5 years – 10 years*

*If I get enough interest I may decide to break this group into two and will add one more spokes model!*

Thank you again for all your support and for your interest in becoming a 2011 diMonda Photography Spokes Model! Please email me your Cute Kid Photos or any questions at:

And of course I need a picture so here are my twin girls...all too grown up and ready for the start of their first day of their 1st Grade Year!