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Monday, January 3, 2011

Believe {ny - long island child photographer}

Happy New Year!!! I myself welcome 2011 with open arms! 2010 was a year I have a hard time describing. In my personal life it would be easy to say it was one of the worst for several reasons, but it is also one that held many wonderful things that are so easy to see when I just focus on the positive moments. I promise not forget the heartache from the last year...but to remember it and learn from it what I can. To cherish all the positive moments and keep my focus there. My hope for 2011 is even in the middle of those deep dark woods we sometimes get lost hold onto the sunlight hidden between the trees and open my ears to hear the sound of the birds singing no matter how quite their song... To believe in the magic of life and love and hold onto dearly all the positive surrounding us. Because, once you find one moment....the flood gates will open and more will follow. Be your own gate keeper and focus on all that is good TRULY and YOU will make 2011 Amazing. I believe. I hope you do too!

All of you reading my blog and who have believed in me helped to make 2010 wonderful...Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Cheers to a beautiful year ahead...I can not wait to capture it! xo

"The world is a better place because of those who refuse to believe they can not fly"

A few images from some Mini Sessions....still catching up! ; )

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