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Monday, August 16, 2010

Twice as much love...{ny - long island baby photographer}

"No earthly joys could bring more pleasure then two little girls to love and treasure."

This past weekend was perfect...beautiful weather and gorgeous six month old twins with their wonderful Mommy and Daddy! Of course I have a special spot in my heart for twin girls and the day brought back a flood of memories for me from when my own girls were this small. I could almost hear the belly laughs that filled our home and I saw their sweet toothless grins all over again. Precious Miss J was so much like my Emma so sweet, funny and full of smiles, and Miss D an angel much like my Lily...seeming to be a bit more serious but behind that such a deep little thinker with a huge heart too. I am so excited for these sweet babies parents and all they have in front of watch them come into their own and surprise them at every turn. The bond they share will never stop amazing you...embrace it and embrace the girls for who they are, similar yet oh so different...completing each other in the most special and unique way.

Thank you for such a great day, for allowing me into your lives for a short time and for giving me the gift of reliving some very special memories! Here are a few teasers...more to come soon! ;)

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  1. These brought real tears to me. Oh how the memories make me smile of our beautiful twin Emma & Lily.
    These two girls are also so precious. Awesome pictures as you capture their sweetness and beauty.