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Saturday, June 19, 2010

...for love of the game. Happy Fathers Day!

Baseball. Growing up if you asked me what I thought of when I heard "baseball", I would have answered (being a young girl from Minnesota in the 80's) Kirby Puckett, #34, Homer Hankies and 1987 World Series! Ask me today and I would tell you Magic, Love, Joey, #9 and Sunday!

The truth is if it wasn't for Baseball I may not have ever met my husband. It is an amazing story too long for this post but in the end, he has always played and loved baseball. It found him early and he never let it go. Then it found "us". Magic.

This year has been trying on my family to say the least. Looking back I don't know how we made it through some of the days...but we did. Together. The most recent event in one way or another brought us an Angel...of sorts. An Angel that has slowly helped me open my eyes and realize it is ok to smile and be happy even when things that have happened are hard to understand. An Angel that has reminded me what is important in life and that I truly need to look at them with my eyes wide open, embrace those moments and cherish them with every fiber of my being. To see that yes, this year may not be one we would have wished for in the way it has played out so far. But it did happen and it brought us together in ways we never dreamed of. We are stronger "together" then I think both of us ever thought possible. And tho it is easy to feel and see all the negative is the time to focus on the AMAZING things this year has given us.

So for Fathers Day Joey, I would love to give you the gift of knowing I am OK. That I love you with all my heart and soul. To know that with out you my life would not be complete and I would not have two of the most beautiful souls on this earth to call our daughters. It is this year, this difficult year, we were brought together 10 years ago. And one that an "angel" has brought us together a different way. This year our gorgeous daughters graduated Kindergarten with flying colors and are so excited for the journey they have begun. One that together we have helped nurture and prepare them for. This year diMonda Photography turned one...and with out your guidance, love, encouragement and support it would not have been possible. This year...will end up meaning so many different things to us, but I want you to always know that I am honored and proud to call you my husband. There are no words to express exactly what you mean to me...but I will spend my life trying my best to show you everyday. Love.

Sunday. Every Sunday during the Spring and Summer you can find us at one Baseball field or another. It started off the two of us, then mommy, daddy and twin 4 month old girls. Now Daddy, Mommy and two 5 1/2 year old beauties that eyes shine to watch their Daddy play and so proud to be his girls. Below are a few pictures from a few Sunday's ago. Pictures someone has been hounding me for but I somehow held him off! lol The girls got to watch their Daddy play in the leagues All Star Game at a "real" Baseball stadium...Where the minor league team, the Brooklyn Cyclones play. With the "All Star" of our lives being the MVP to us...every day.

We Love you Joey/Daddy. Happy Fathers Day. I think we have the best team around, and tho we may strike out every now and then, let a few players on base...the team work and home runs is what I will remember most and knowing in my heart that no matter what....for us, every day if we remember what matters most, we will have our Perfect Game!

Happy Fathers Day to my daddy, my own personal hero, I love you and miss you and wish we could be together today...we are in my heart... to my father in law and all the amazing fathers that fill our hearts with joy in ways only Daddy's do best! xoxo

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Those of you that know my girls know exactly who is who in this picture by their personalities!!!


  1. Well Said Mandy. This is absolutely priceless! Happy Father's day Joey! We love you all, including that angel the reminds us all about remembering, and embracing the journey! XOXO

  2. Mandy, This letter really touched me heart with laughter, joy and tears. You are such an amazing person and your talents never ending. I love you so deeply.